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History of fans of ice hockey tournament

The first year of ice hockey fans' tournaments took place in 2010 in Pilsen with the participation of six teams. After mutual agreement of the representatives of individual teams, Pilsen was organized for two more years. In 2013, Pilsen organized a tournament of the HC Kometa Fan Club and the Brňáci will turn to the challenge. In the next two years, 2014 and 2015, the tournament of the fans of the town of Chomutov was hosted and this year the tournament organizers return to Brno.

During all seven previous years, more than 15 teams from all over the Czech Republic participated in ice hockey tournaments. The most frequent winner of the tournament is Fan Club HC Kometa Brno. He won in four years, once in 2nd place and once in fourth. The second most successful team is the AHC Phantoms Chomutov.

Game system

Contactless hockey is played. The playing time of each match is 2 x 20 minutes of gross time and before each match the players have the opportunity to grind within two minutes. The exclusion period for a minor penalty is 1.5 minutes. After each match the ice surface will be adjusted.

The teams will be divided into two groups, every team will play three games – round -Robin tournament (each team meets all others in turn) on a first day. It will be played on both rinks in the same time. For the victory in the match are added to the table 2 points, for the draw 1 point (no penalty shootings). The ranking of the team in the table determines: 1) number of points, 2) mutual match, 3) score, 4) more goals scored, 5) less goals scored, 6) draw

On the second day of the tournament they advance from the basic groups to the knockout part (playoff), which will occupy the first and second places in the groups. The beaten semi-finalists will play for the third place and the other teams will play for the overall ranking. In the event of a tie after the end of the regular time, 3 penalty shots will be played. If there is still no winner, the raid continues one by one on each side. Teams that ranked 3rd and 4th in the table will compete against each other for a total of 7th, 8th – 5th and 6th. Between the final match and the match for the 3rd place will be played an exhibition match between the selection of the Czech and Slovak Republic, in which, among other things, will play former players of HC Kometa Brno.

In addition to placing the team, the tournament also includes awards for the best goalie, defender and striker.


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