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This tournament is going to help to Natálka

23.2.2020 | this year we will help three years old Natálka Procházková ...

proud partner

23.2.2020 | Reda is going to be a proud partner of this tournament.   ...

The main media partner

23.2.2020 | - Radio Krokodýl is going to be a main media partner. ...


The KOMETA Endowment Fund with us !!!


The KOMETA Endowment Fund is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in January 2015 with the purpose of supporting families with children who has an autism spectrum disorders (hereafter PAS, autism). The main reason for choosing this target group is to raise awareness of the issue of autism, to help educate and education children and to integrate them into society. We focus on children with ASD up to 18 years of age in the South Moravian Region. We provide families with many services that we are constantly expanding and trying to respond to their necessity. We currently have one hundred and fifty families in our database, to whom we offer professional social and special pedagogical counseling, assistance, production or loan of teaching aids and literature. We organize leisure activities, therapies, social, cultural, sporting and residential events for children and they can also visit our playroom. We organize lectures and meetings for parents. Our goal is to provide families with forms of support that are currently missing on the market. In addition to the above-mentioned activities and services that we offer to children and families, we also strive to raise awareness in the field of autism. We participate in various projects and present our activities at various events.

. More information you can find on or on Facebook: Nadační fond Kometa.


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